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Bed Bugs
"Don't let the bed bugs bite"
Most of us have heard the child's rhyme that refers to bugs that infest beds, and feed on the blood of hapless sleeping victims. Sadly, bed bugs are real, and are reaching epidemic levels in the United States. (CDC Bed Bug Fact Sheet)

CATO Termite & Pest Control are now successfully treating an average of 2-3 bed bug infestations weekly in the South Jersey and Philadelphia Metropolitan Area. Our technicians are highly trained and very experienced in effective bed bug treatment. We can confidently and expertly eliminate even the most nightmarish of infestations, and are always happy to help our customers to deal with this highly stressful pest. When you call our company, you'll be speaking with an experienced and knowledgeable technician. Making the call is the first step towards a bed bug free home.
-Luke Murry,
Senior Technician CATO Termite & Pest Control

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