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Bird Control in South Jersey

For many South Jersey residents, birds represent beauty and freedom but ask anyone who has had to contend with birds roosting on the ledge of a window, woodpeckers pecking away at the side of a house or geese chewing on turf. They'll tell you how quickly their thoughts go from admiration to frustration. Bird control is a complex process rarely resolved with a single approach. Because of the variety of species and habits and the factor of flight, a combination of tactics is usually needed to completely resolve a bird infestation. Birds are creatures of habit once they become entrenched in an area, it could take a prolonged concerted effort to change their minds. But if you've dealt with flocks of birds making unsightly and unsanitary messes with their droppings or larger birds harassing smaller ones or too many of one species destroying prized garden plants, then you know it is worth the effort to clear the area of the nuisance birds.

One option that can be successful in deterring bird activity are moving devices that are activated by the nuisance birds motions. These devices startle the birds that respond by flying away. When this scenario is repeated over and over the bird gives up on trying to nest in the area. Another option in bird control is decoys. They work best to keep away territorial birds that will not choose a location if they believe it is occupied by another bird. Reflective surfaces, motion detecting water sprayers, and liquid repellants used alone or in combination have all proven effective in resolving many bird issues. If you believe you have an issue beginning on your property it is better solved sooner rather than later. Call Cato Termite and Pest Control at 1800 517 2745.