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Moisture Control Solutions

Controlling Moisture in Your Home:
Nearly all pests, termites, roaches, ants or any other common household pest need three things for survival:

                                           * Food,
                                           * Water, and
                                           * Harborage (a place to live and hide).

Interrupt any one of these three and you reduce the pest's motivation to enter your home or business.

Eliminating or reducing the water source is one of the easiest ways to control pests, as potential dehydration puts stress on them. You might not be able to totally eliminate the pest, but you could help reduce the population and slow its reproduction rate.
Soil in crawlspaces or dirt floor basements can lead to humid air, which condenses on wood in the area. This moisture contributes to infestation by wood-destroying insects such as:

                                          * Subterranean Termites,
                                          * Carpenter Ants, and even
                                          * Wood-Boring beetles.

      Moisture also can lead to decay of wood and offensive odors, resulting in expensive repairs as well as the need for odor elimination
Preventative measures such as the following will go a long way in avoiding costly repairs.
Crawl Space Access Doors – Replace broken and rotting access doors and screen doors to improve ventilation, prevent rodent access and deter insect access.

Crawl Space Vents – Aerodynamically designed to allow better airflow in crawl space, the vent has louvers which open and close based on the temperature (important in keeping moisture levels low). They have double screening to keep out rodents. The vents also can come with a fan to blow air out of the crawl space for severe moisture conditions. All vents come with a lifetime replacement warranty.

Poly-Barriers – Sheeting to cover dirt floors and to prevent moisture from evaporating into the wood.

Wood Decay Fungus Treatments – Wood decay fungus occurs when the moisture content in the wood is above 20 percent. This fungus eats the starches and sugars in the wood, reducing the structural integrity. The treatment is a borate that penetrates the wood, killing the fungus. (This is not to be confused with Mold Remediation.)

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