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Pet Odors, Cigarette Odors, Basement Odors
 Cigarette smoke, animal odors and pet odors can permeate any porous surface including hardwood floors and drywall. The smell of smoke and pet urine especially can take ages to dissipate! You're sure smell these odors more strongly more on a rainy or humid day as the odor molecules are carried through the air in moisture. Often times odors are left behind in a dwelling from previous owners who smoked or owned pets. Sometimes new homeowners will not be aware of the odor until a rainy or humid day. they will try for months to rid their home of the offensive smell to no avail.Cato Termite and Pest Control offers odor elimination services for all sorts of difficult and lingering odors.
Animal Carcass Odors, Urine Odors, Mold Odors
  When animals die in an attic or between walls, their decaying carcass emits a strong and offensive odor, heavy smokers can fill the air with smoke constantly, pets that habitually urinate in one area. These odors can be a particular challenge to get rid of because tiny particles get trapped in materials around the room. You may try over the counter products such as Fabreze, air purifiers, plugins, sprays and more to no avail. If traditional odor elimination methods have failed for you, then you need professional assistance. Cato will assess your problem and provide the most effective solutions specific to your needs. whether the problem stems from smoke, animals or excess moisture Cato can help.
Odor Elimination Methods
Cato Termite and Pest Control will evaluate your odor elimination needs. Whether you are dealing with a recent offensive odor from the death of wildlife in an attic or between walls or lingering odors from pet urine or cigarette smoke Cato can eliminate any odor. We offer a plan of attack that includes immediate intervention when necessary, such as the removal of an animal carcass, as well as deodorizing and ongoing maintenance, and in some cases moisture remediation as well.