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What's the buzz?
carpenter_bee_hole.jpg 2010-04-28
Carpenter Bees

There are several different species of carpenter bees, the most common here in South Jersey resembles a bumble
bee only bigger.You may find the carpenter bee foraging around flowers, shrubs and under the eaves of buildings.You can tell if you have carpenter bees because you will see the damage it has done to wood on your home and around your property.
Female carpenter bees sting.You can tell a female from a male by the color of their face. A male will be yellow and the female face is black. It is not a good idea though to get close enough to the carpenter bee to see the color of their face. They have been known to attack people and their sting can cause an allergic reaction.

In order to get rid of carpenter bees,it is important to know their entomology and work in accordance with their habits.A carpenter bee will drill a hole about a half inch in diameter into any wood surface it can find.This includes eaves,wood trim, siding, decks and patio furniture. After boring a two inch deep hole the carpenter bee will make a 90 degree turn and bore several more inches. In the end any given hole can represent several feet of carpenter bee damage due to extensive nesting tunnels. Carpenter bees lay eggs and store food in these tunnels providing all that is needed for the carpenter bee's complete life cycle. A carpenter bee will tend to return to the nest where they were born.  Old nests are used year after year, making carpenter bee control difficult for the average homeowner.  If the original nest is occupied, other female bees will drill a new nest.  A single nest one year will become two or three the next.  Problems rapidly escalate and soon you may have hundreds of holes.  When you have numerous nests, getting rid of carpenter bees is a job not to be undertaken by the novice bee exterminator.In an extensive nest you will have numerous larva. The larva of carpenter bee is large and noisy and may attract predators like the woodpecker, which can do further damage to a structure. If you suspect carpenter bee activity on your property it is best to call a professional experienced in carpenter bee extermination.Treating this wood boring bee can be complex and the damage that they can do to your home can be extensive. In order to minimize carpenter bee damage a professional pest control company should be called upon sooner rather than later.