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Open trashbins cause Pest Control problems in South Jersey homes

While under the counter trash bins are convenient, many South Jersey homeowners are discovering that they are a magnet for ants, roaches and mice. The bins often contain moisture and food particles. When not in use, they sit uncovered in a dark space releasing aromas that attract household pests. They are often located close enough to pipe chases or unfinished openings that lead to internal areas in the homes structure where ants, rodents and roaches can hide and build nests. Even a small amount of moisture from a discarded paper cup or can be enough to keep a mouse or an army of ants hydrated for days. When they discover the plethora goodies left undisturbed for hours on end while your household sleeps, roaches, rodents and ant are sure to note its location and return to it as an ongoing source of water nutrition. What can you do to prevent your trash bin from becoming a source of sustenance for an army of ants, roaches or rodents?  The obvious answer is to avoid the use of open under the counter trash bins in your South Jersey home. A bin with an attached secure lid, left for use in an open area is a far better option to prevent an infestation that will require professional pest control services. A bin located in a well lit, high traffic area is less vulnerable to infestation simply because rodents and roaches like to live under the cover of dark, closed spaces. Eliminating ideal conditions is a first step in preventative pest control. If you must use a bin under the counter, fit it with a lid. A lid will keep down smells that attract ants, mice, rats and roaches. Before discarding, rinse food containers in a bin of dishwater left in the sink during the day for that purpose. The garbage disposal is the best option for discarding food waste. Waste that cannot go in the disposal should be placed in a knotted plastic grocery bag before being put into an under the counter bin. Never throw away anything unsealed that contains water or other liquid. Empty cans, jars or bags of liquid into a toilet or sink before disposing them. Remember, most pests including ants, rodents, roaches, stink bugs, and crickets thrive in moist dark, damp environments. Keep your trash bin from becoming an all you can eat buffet for pests.