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Flea and tick Season in South Jersey

Prevent fleas from being carried into the house on your pets. If you've sprayed and bombed and powdered to til the cows came home and you still can't kill fleas in the house, your frustration is understandable! You must break their cycle in order to thoroughly eradicate a flea infestation. Fleas will lay their eggs on common field animals, which then scurry across your lawn dropping the eggs onto your South Jersey property.
The eggs mature into the pupa stage where they lay in wait for any unsuspecting warm blooded creature that happens by. This can be a dog or a cat but surprisingly to some,it could also be you, or worse, your child.
The heat and motion of a passerby excites the new fleas into hatching. They will then latch onto the nearby dog, cat or child and parasitically feed on its blood. The flea host then comes inside your home and unknowingly drops fleas and their newly laid eggs onto your carpet or bedding... you must kill fleas in the yard and on the dog and then kill fleas in the house in order to break  the cycle.