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They release their scent any time they feel threatened. There are some who claimed to have been bitten by a stink bug but according to Rutgers University entomology experts, the stink bug lacks the physical capacity to bite a human. There is also a bug that looks similar to the stink bug called the assassin bug. It does have a very painful bite so this may account for the confusion. It's best not to handle either bug if you are unsure what you have encountered. If you attempt to handle a stink bug it may secret its scent onto a surface in your home where it may linger for quite a while.
Some people are allergic to the stink bug secretion. If you are unsure how you will react it is best to leave them alone.

Here in the South Jersey stink bugs hibernate during the winter months, although interior heating may cause them to become active indoors.

The stink bug will return year after year to a structure once they choose it as a hibernating den. If your home harbors hibernating stink bugs it is best to take care of the problem as soon as you notice them.