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Ant Extermination can pose unique problems in South Jersey

Even the most persistent do it yourself pest control advocate will shake her head and sigh when it comes to getting rid of ants. Many people use over the counter pest control products such as traps, sprays and gels to get rid of ants. What they don't realize is because pesticides are highly regulated, the products that are available to the public do not contain high enough concentrations of chemicals to destroy a large colony of ants. When ants are exposed to small concentrations of pesticides some members of the colony may die and disappear from an area. It may appear that the problem is solved but behind the scenes the weak concentration of chemicals has irritated the colony. As a defense, a stress reaction is triggered causing the colony to reproduce at a faster pace in order to ensure its survival. The ants may avoid the treated area, the homeowner believes the problem has been solved in the meantime the ants will appear in another location of the home. A single ant colony may have many satellite colonies located throughout the home. Often times a home owner may discover one of these satellite colonies, believing it is the main colony they again attempt to destroy it. If it is not the main colony, then once again the rapid breeding stress reaction has been triggered. Instead of solving the problem, unbeknown to the home owner he has caused the colony to grow. A cycle like this could go on for years when the home owner believes he has solved the problem and that new ants infest the home again and again when really all along one large colony is growing and expanding with satellite colonies throughout the home. Until the colonies are killed the ants will continue to live and grow in the home. The products that are available to licensed trained professional exterminating companies are formulated in higher concentrations to target a large ant population. If you have experienced what has been described here, when you think you've rid your home of ants only to see them appear again elsewhere it is possible that you have a large colony and several satellite colonies.

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