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Bird Mites on the Rise in South Jersey!

When birds build their nests in and around your South Jersey structure, under eaves around soffits and down chimneys they attract mites. Bird mites are parasitic insect like creatures that feed on the nesting birds. When these nests are eventually abandoned the mites seek a new host. Often times they can make their way into your New Jersey home and begin to feed on its occupants. Bird mite infestations can also be caused by pets that become infested as a result of preying on infested birds; they in turn bring the mite into the home. At that point effective control of bird mites will require a professional exterminator. When bird mites bite humans they leave tiny marks the size and color of a pin prick. They can itch intensely and develop into lesions that can take a good while to heal. Sometimes these lesions are mistaken for scabies. It is only when the suggested course of treatment for scabies fails that bird mites are suspected. To avoid a drawn out uncomfortable scenario such as this preventing the infestation in the first place is highly recommended. At times homeowners who notice a bird’s nest close to their home may take it lightly, even finding the idea of watching baby birds hatch charming. Be warned however, as adorable as baby birds can be they are not worth risking a pesky infestation of bird might’s. If you have birds that are beginning to nest on your property nip the problem in the bud. If the nest is within reach remove it immediately before the mother even lays eggs. If it is too late for that and the birds have become persistent, returning to roost in the same location despite your efforts to remove them, it may be time for you to seek expert assistance. Cato termite and Pest Control has nearly a decade of experience removing persistent bird infestations from commercial as well as residential properties in the Camden, Burlington, Gloucester and Mercer County of South Jersey. If unfortunately your bird infestation has brought about an infestation of bird mites Cato technicians are skilled at eradicating them as well.

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