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Just because the spider is itsy bitsy doesn't make it any less scary! You have probably heard that spiders are good pests. If you want to have any type of pest it would be the spider because they eat other insects. Well, yes and no.spiders do eat other insects but they cannot eat enough in a given period to make a dent in a significant pest problem. Perhaps outdoors in a garden area you would chose to leave a spider be but indoors spiders are not usually welcome. Many people fear spiders and the anxiety that is caused by living with one can make a person very uncomfortable, no to mention their messy webs and the potential that some species have to bite.

 Spiders that bite can cause an allergic reaction that at minimum can be a nuisance and at worst can pose a serious health threat especially to the elderly or to children.Spiders can and do bite especially when they are alarmed. The best thing to do when you come in contact with a spider is to remain calm and remove yourself from it's reach.  Some areas have more venomous breeds of spiders than others. Your best bet is to watch the area where you suspect you have been bitten.

 If you get a painful or itchy raised red patch in the area it is likely a spider bite.A nonvenomous or low toxicity spider bite will clear up in a day or two. if the center of the bite darkens within a few hours after being bitten you need to seek immediate medical attention.

Some spiders such as the brown recluse can be a serious threat other spider spiders can be beneficial because they prey on other insects around the home. However, when the numbers of spiders in one household grows to a level that is intolerable to the homeowner then control measures must be taken.

 You can control spiders to a degree without the use of insecticides with diligence removing webs and their egg sacs regularly ,reducing moisture, and removing excess clutter.Take care of the outside, seal entry points where they can come in,. Repair broken window frames, vents and screens. Knock down any webs around the house eves and bushes. Check for signs of spider activity around your porch lights. Spiders will gather there at night. If porch lights are left on, it attracts other insects which the spiders will eat. A yellow bulb in the outside lights will minimize this effect.

 If these methods are not enough there are many products labeled for spiders and they all should be used in strict accordance with label directions.Occasionally even after a home owner has tried all options available more is still needed to take control of a serious spider problem.Finding a professional in your area can be the best and safest way to gain control over a severe spider problem.

If your central or South Jersey home is over run with an infestation of spiders call Cato Termite and Pest Control

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