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Ant Control In South Jersey

There are many species of ants in the United States that make themselves pests. Here in South Jersey, the ants that pose the greatest troubles for homeowners are the Argentine ant, Sugar ant, Pavement ant, Odorous house ant, Pharaoh ant, and Carpenter ant.

These ants are adept at finding their way into your home through the most unbelievably small spaces. Once inside, they will make their way to sources of food and moisture, bringing back what they find to the colony. They will chemically signal good pathways and establish ant trails using pheromones. 

Often times our customers will clean the areas that the ants are traveling; this will wipe away the pheromone scent trail and may set the ants back for a day or two... but the colony is unaffected by cleaning inside the home, and within the week, it's almost a guarantee you'll have unwanted visitors making their way into your pantry and onto your kitchen counter tops once again.

Some of our South Jersey customers will even apply "do it yourself" pesticides purchased at the hardware store; the trouble with these products is that they often times will not provide full colony elimination. They will kill the workers that come into contact with the material, tricking the colony into thinking it is under attack. This will trigger the opposite of the desired effect. An emergency response will cause the colony to multiply, producing even more workers, and exacerbating the problem!

Our technicians are trained and licensed in Integrated Pest Management in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania. They will identify the ants, and apply the best insecticide materials to re mediate the infestation entirely. This is usually a combination of transfer effect spray insecticides, and baits the ants will pick up themselves and spread throughout the colony.

Within two weeks of your first service, we guarantee you won't be dealing with any unwanted visitors, and if you are, additional service is covered under warranty.

We use only insecticides registered by the EPA for use in the home & garden with people and pets, and our technicians make your families safety priority number one.

Call CATO today and be on your way to an ant free living environment in your South Jersey or Pennsylvania home or business.


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