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Cato Termite and Pest Control of South Jersey

Cato Termite and Pest Control is a family owned and operated Pest Control Company serving South Jersey for nearly two decades. We pride ourselves on delivering quality exterminating services for insects such as ants ants, bed bugs, stink bugs, wasps, and termites as well as control of wildlife like raccoon, possum, squirrels, bats and rodents including mice and rats.

  Cato techs are knowledgeable, educated and certified. Our company is licensed and insured in accordance with New Jersey's department of environmental protection pesticide control regulations. You can rest assured when hiring Cato to exterminate bugs, control wildlife, inspect for termites and issue termite certification, the service you receive will be of highest industry standards and in accordance with the latest and most effective, safe technologies. 

 When you call Cato termite and Pest Control, our techs answer the phone. You can share your situation and receive a phone consultation for free. You will be given a price quote within a range for the particular pest control problem that you are experiencing. If you are comfortable with that price range you can make an appointment for an exterminator to come to your home to further inspect. When the Cato pest control technician comes to your home he will assess the pest control problem that you have based on location, severity and classification. he will then finalize your quote and begin to eradicate your problem on the very same day.

Pest Control in South Jersey
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