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There is no disputing the value of a well landscaped yard, but trees, shrubs, flowers and wood chips that are placed too close to the house may help bugs,ants,squirrels rodents and termites gain easier entry into your home. Keep at least an 18' barrier between your home and your landscaping and be sure to keep trees and shrubs trimmed away from the house. A preventative seasonal yard spray is an effective way to reduce potentially invading insect populations.



Like us, insects, bugs,rodents and other pests need water for survival.They will go where ever water is found when they need it. Check the exterior of your home frequently for standing water.If you store buckets, flower pots or basins outside, store them upside down. Grade your landscaping so that water does not gather especially against the house. Fill any cracks or holes in concrete that are large enough for standing water to puddle and attract mosquitoes to lay their eggs. Inside the home check small appliances that accumulate water such as dehumidifiers and empty pans often. Be sure dishes are thoroughly dried before storing them in cabinets. Check under sinks and other areas for plumbing problems. Be sure that all doors and windows are properly sealed. Keep up with roof and gutter maintenance. Pests are less likely to take up residence where there is no water source.Cato offers a wonderful product called Leaf Defier that will keep your gutters free from accumulating debris and moisture for a life time.

Food Storage

Because it is so important for survival most small creatures have a highly developed sense of smell alerting them to an available food source. What may seem like an insignificant crumb to us is a delight to the nostrils of a hungry mouse. To minimize the chances of mice, rats, ants, roaches and pantry moths settling throughout your home, store and consume food in the kitchen only. Keep floors well swept and surfaces wiped. Store all grain products in airtight containers in the refrigerator, especially if you shop at organic markets where foods contain no pesticides. Never leave pet food outside, it may attract rats, mice, raccoons, squirrels.seal pet food containers for storage and remove any unconsumed food after an hour. Believe it or not mice will munch on waxy items like crayons and candles if they are in abundance and a food source is not, so if your dwelling is especially vulnerable you will want to store  these items in zip lock bags.

Contracted Maintenance

One of the most effective ways in which you can guarantee against out of control insect or wildlife infestations in your home or on your property is to with a general pest control quarterly service contract.First One of our qualified licensed  technicians will thoroughly inspect your home,attic,basement and exterior property. We will look for signs of invading creatures and any damage they may have done, as well as areas of entry. We will treat any infestations and warranty against them. A technician will return to your home on a quarterly basis to administer a maintenance treatment. Between services your home will be protected against infestations of ants,spiders,roaches crickets,silverfish,earwigs,sow and pill bugs,stink bugs, centipedes, millipedes, hornets,wasps,and rodents.Should you experience an infestation of any of these pests between services Cato will be at you home within three days to treat the problem free of charge.


Special Discount for Military Personnel 

 Cato Termite and Pest Control is proud of, and grateful for the members of our United States Military.

In appreciation for their services we offer military families a ten percent discount on all of our products

and services. 



Special Discount for Seniors

Cato offers a ten percent discount to all seniors age 62 and older. 

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