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Exterminating Bed Bugs in south jersey

What You can do to help the Cato technician ensure the maximum benefit when treating bed bugs.


 Despite what their name suggests, bed bugs are not exclusively found in beds. During the day they hide in cracks and crevices around a room, in drawers and closets, behind electric sockets and wood work. In order to ensure the most effective results when treating bed bugs, a technician must have access to all of the bed bugs potential hiding spots. The preparation that you do before the Cato technician arrives will go a long way in helping Cato to successfully eliminate a bed bug infestation. it is very important that the areas of infestation are properly prepared for treatment. It is the responsibility of the customer to complete the preparations before the first scheduled service. The limited warranty is contingent upon proper room/area prep including the encapsulation of all mattresses/box springs that remain in the home during and after treatment. If the rooms to be treated are unprepared at the time of service, CATO Termite & Pest Control can furnish the necessary labor at a cost of $100/hour per technician. (Preparing a single room for service typically takes two technicians an hour) Here is a checklist that you can use to help be sure that the room is ready for service.

Bed Bug Preparation Checklist            


*Empty all drawers /closets of clothing, bag clothing, wash/dry on high heat cycle.


*Remove all bedding, wash/dry on high heat cycle.


*Clear floors in rooms/areas scheduled to be  treated of all clutter.


*Bag all shoes, small personal effects/electronics in rooms/areas scheduled to be treated.


*Remove all posters and framed pictures/artwork from walls in rooms/areas “                “


  • Bags of personal effects, shoes, and items should be kept in the same room as the infestation for the duration of the services.

  • Bags of clothing to be laundered should be kept in the same room as the infestation until after they are washed or dried on a high heat laundry cycle (High heat cycle will kill adult insects and their eggs, it is imperative that the clothing items are exposed to the highest possible temperatures). After laundering clothing on a high heat cycle, clothing should be transferred to fresh bags and stored outside of the area of infestation until after both services are complete.

  • A properly prepared room will look empty besides furniture, bags of clothing to be washed, and bags of shoes/stored items to be treated with vapor strips.

  • Please call 856-652 0080 or e-mail with any questions.



How to Choose the Right Pest Control Professional

Call around to several pest control companies and ask specific questions. Ask the pest control provider which methods they plan to use in your home.  Will they use steam, pesticides or a combination of both. While both methods can be effective if used correctly, a combination is generally best for specific situations. Ask how long the company has been treating bed bugs and ask for some satisfied customers that you can call for reference. Find out what the professional will ask of you. The best results are achieved when the customer and the pest control professional work hand in hand in a coordinated effort to solve the bed bug problem. Find out what the bed bug exterminator knows about the nature and habits of bed bugs. For example, bed bugs do not remain on the bed during the day. An exterminator who limits treatment to the bed and immediate surrounding area will almost certainly fail to solve your problem. The more the professional knows the more likely he will get good results for you. Check on licences and insurances. An accredited professional will be held accountable by outside agencies and will be therefor more motivated to get the job done well and to back up any guarantees that they offer. Find out what agencies they are associated with. Do they belong to a national as well as a local pest management association. If not then why? Be sure the professional instills confidence in his or her ability to get the job done before they begin working in your home.

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