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Have you seen this Guy?

 The spotted lantern fly is a newcomer to the Philadelphia area, New Jersey and Delaware. It's arrival as an invasive pest was documented in Pennsylvania in 2014. it has since spread to counties surrounding Philadelphia and most of South Jersey as well as Northern Delaware. Some marvel at the bug's unique appearance. It's brightly colored and beautiful in its own way, however the lantern fly has proven a threat to local agriculture. It's a sap sucker and is indiscriminate in its choices. The young lanternfly will feed on any green plant available causing serious damage and sometimes death. As adults lanternflies mature they go from attacking smaller green plants to larger trees. They band together by the hundreds and thousands

spotted lantern fly NJ

and can do significant damage to a landscape. they seem to prefer fruit trees. Many are concerned about their threat to orchards. They do not themselves over winter but they do lay encased eggs in the fall. their eggs are hidden and difficult to exterminate thus lantern fly infestations can recur year after year in an area. If you spot a lantern fly call a professional exterminator immediately. the risk is too great to wait to deal with the problem on your own. if you are unsuccesful, the population will increase and mature. Once eggs are laid, you may be dealing with lantern flies and their destruction to your landscaping season after season after season.

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