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 Are you always calling to the kids to shut the door to keep the flies out?You don't have to put up with a house full of flies every summer. There are ways to keep down the number of flies in the home.

Flies can enter a house in a variety of ways, doors that open and close frequently through the course of a day provide the easiest access for flies to get in from the outside. flies can also gain access into a home through any opening such as cracks in door and windows frames and any places where drafts come in.

If a small mammal such as a squirrel or a rodent dies in a wall or in the  chimney or cupboard a fly might lay eggs in the carcass. When hatched the maggots become adult flies and may then infest the interior of the home.This occurrence has been known to cause serious infestation of thousands of flies inside a home.An exterminator may take a few different approaches to rid the interior of a home of a fly infestation depending  on the origin of the infestation. If the origin of the infestation is outside the home, it will be important to discover its source in order to determine the correct approach. If trash is placed closed to an entrance that could be the reason flies are getting in. The solution may be as easy as moving the garbage bins to a location further from the entrance to the home. Flies that are coming in from the outdoors may be controlled with an air door which prevents the flies from entering with a steady blast of air through which flies do not have the strength to fly. A clear drying pesticide sprayed on windows is a very effective solution.When flies land on the windows the pads of their feet pick up some of the pesticide. When the flies lick their feet they die.

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