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Exterminate Powder Post Beetles In South Jersey

Powder posts beetles can be introduced into a home on lumber, furniture or other infested wood. One of the most common causes of severe infestation is caused by reusing old lumber from barns or historic buildings. To prevent a powder post beetle infestation, check all unfinished wood that is brought into your home. Powder post beetles lay their eggs in unfinished wood. To prevent infestation be sure that wood is treated with paint or varnish. Check the undersides of furniture as well as many times these areas will require a coat of varnish to protect against powder post beetle infestation.Infested wood will show signs of small holes.Most powder post beetles are active from April to July. Around this time you may see small holes saw dust piles on window sills, floor boards and sometimes in furniture.Sometimes powder post beetles die out on their own accord. In order to determine whether the infestation is active or not, look for fresh saw dust around the exit holes. Old abandoned holes will have the weathered appearance of the surrounding wood. You can also look for dust or dirt that may have accumulated around older holes that will not be present on brand new holes.

You may also find out if an infestation is active by sealing up  any existing exit holes, sweep or vacuum up all powder, and recheck the wood for new holes and powder at a later date. 

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