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The word Termite is dreaded  by the seller, the buyer and you the realtor. That's because everyone fears the potential that a severe termite infestation may have, to squash an otherwise perfect transaction.


Here in South Jersey mortgage lenders will not approve a loan on a dwelling that has not been cleared with a termite certification from a licensed pest control professional.  That is because subterranean termites can remain undetected for years. The presence of swarmers is what signals termites to most homeowners and they can take up to three seasons to surface. A lot of damage can be done in the mean time.


Our Technicians at CATO Termite & Pest Control are Licensed to inspect properties for evidence of Wood Destroying Insects and certify the properties using the accepted NPMA-33 Form.


Here is a true anecdote about a home that was purchased cash from a relative: The previous owner had known about the existence of termites after having seen swarmers. Each spring the property owner went to the local hardware store and purchased an over the counter pest control product. He used it on the swarm and felt confident that he had solved his problem. What he didn't realize is that swarmers are the reproductive element of a colony and tend to die off naturally as they swarm. Meanwhile below the surface year after the rest of the colony left untreated was allowed to grow. Immediately upon rehab of the house, the new owner discovered massive damage behind the walls in every room of the house. At this point, Cato was called to asses the damage, which was quite extensive. The entire structure had to be gutted and repaired. If an inspection was done at the time of sale this homeowner would have been saved tens of thousands of dollars.

When instances such as this occur often nasty lawsuits ensue. If realtors or termite professionals are involved they, as well as the seller, are sure to be named. A thorough inspection by an experienced trusted professional is always a good idea when a property changes hands. It is best that all parties concerned have accurate information as to the extent of any infestation and damage that may exist. It is best to solve any potential problems up front rather than to sweep them under the rug and face an overwhelming situation later.

We at Cato Termite and Pest Control value the reputation that we have earned. We dot our  i's and cross our t's to provide both the buyer and the seller with the peace of mind they deserve. We value the relationships that we have with the realtors who recommend us. We understand that a realtor's reputation can depend on our expertise. When we do a job, your reputation is protected.


With more than a decade of experience in the area of termite inspection, certification, treatment and repair you can rest assured that Cato will not overlook even the hardest to find evidence of infestation. If evidence of active termites or prior infestation is found, we will work with all concerned parties to ensure an expedient closing. We are skilled in all areas of termite work including damage repair. Cato Termite and Pest Control looks forward to a long and trusted relationship with you.

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